St. John the Baptist Parish, A Parish of the Russian Orthodox Church, Canberra, Australia

Acceptance of God's Will

Saint Nicodemus Hagiorit

Make firm in yourself the conviction and faith, that all things happening to us happen according to God's will and for our profit,so that we may gain thereby a certain spiritual fruit .Altough we cannot suppose that some things, such as ours sins and those of other people, are direct result of willed action of God's, yet even they do not happen without God's leave, as means of admonishing and humbling us. As regards sufferings and afflictions which are our own fault or due to malice of others --God Himslef Sends them, desiring us to suffer and be tormented by them, in order to gain blessing of virtue, which we are bound to earn if we calmly endure as we should trial He has sent us.The same applies to other judgments of His, hidden from us, but doubtless right and blessed. Thus, convinced that God Himself wishes you to endure hardship and grief ,which assails you, either arising from evil nature of other people, or invited by your own wrong action, you will cease to think and say as some others do ''NO, THIS DOES NOT COME FROM GOD, IT IS UNJUST AND CRIMINAL, AND GOD DOES NOT WANT CRIME AND TURNS AWAY WITH LOATHING FROM IT AND FROM THOSE WHO COMMIT IT.'' By this they want to justify their lack of patience and gusts and feelings of revenge they feel at sight of injustice ;but actual fact the only thing they achive is to rebel against God's ordinance and to attempt to cast off their life-saving cross,imposed on them by God for their own good,instead of shouldering it a with good heart, which would undoubtedly be pleasing to Him .And what do they get,they cannot cast off their cross, they offend God, and still they gain no peace .On the contrary ,to grief they add contention and usless iritation and render their state unbearable ;whereas had they borne what happened with good heart, they would have peace and would have attracted God's benevolence, and would have eaten richly of the fruit of the spirit ....

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