St. John the Baptist Parish, A Parish of the Russian Orthodox Church, Canberra, Australia

Saint Nikolai II Alexandrovich

Emperor of Russia

Romanov,Saint Nikolai II Alexandrovich, EMPEROR OF RUSSIA
Birth: 18 May 1868 Tsarskoe Selo
Death: 17 Jul 1918 Ekaterinburg
Interred: 17 Jul 1998 St.Peter & St.Paul Cathedral, Sankt-Peterburg
Father: Alexander III, EMPEROR OF RUSSIA (b. 1845)
Mother: Maria Fedorovna of Denmark (b. 1847)
Spouse: Alexandra Fedorovna of Hessen (b. 6.6.1872)
Married: 26 Nov 1894, Winter Palace, Sankt-Peterburg
Olga Nikolaevna, Grand Duchess (b. 15.11.1895)
Tatjana Nikolaevna, Grand Duchess (b. 10.6.1897)
Maria Nikolaevna, Grand Duchess (b. 26.6.1899)
Anastasia Nikolaevna, Grand Duchess (b. 18.6.1901)
Alexei Nikolaevich, TSAREVICH (b. 12.8.1904)

New Martyres Grand Dutches lizabeth and Nun Barbara, Pray unto God for Us

Royal Martyrs Pray unot God for Us

A Prayer To The Holy Tsar-Martyr Nicholas

O holy passion-bearer Tsar Martyr Nicholas! The Lord has chosen thee as His anointed one to judge with mercy and righteousness thy people and to be the guardian of the Orthodox Kingdom. This royal service and the care for souls thou hast completed with the fear of God. Testing thee as gold in the furnace, the Lord has allowed bitter sorrows to come upon thee, as to the much suffering Job, by depriving thee of thy royal throne and sending upon thee martyric death. Having meekly endured all this, like a true slave of Christ, thou art partaking of the highest glory at the Throne of the God of All, together with the Holy Martyrs, the holy Tsarina Alexandra, the holy youth Crown Prince Alexis, and the holy princesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia and with the faithful servants of thine, as well as with the holy Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth and with all the Royal Martyrs and the Holy Martyr Barbara. For as having great boldness before Christ King, for whose sake thou hast endured everything, pray with us, that the Lord might forgive the sin of thy people, who did not stop thy slaughter, as King and Anointed One of God, that the Lord will deliver the suffering land of Russia from the fierce and godless ones, who came upon it because of our sin and apostasy, and that He will restore the throne of Orthodox Tsars, and to us will grant forgiveness of sins and will instruct us on every good deed, that we might acquire humbleness, meekness and love, as these Martyrs have done, that we will be vouchsafed the Heavenly Kingdom, where together with thee and all the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, we might glorify Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, both now and ever and to the ages of ages. Amen.

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