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Of the Times

Archbishop Teophan of Poltava

Reverend friend!

Are you paying attention to what is happening in the world? All that the ministers of all countries are doing now, is talking about peace to the world. The ministers of France and her allies are also insisting on guarantees of SECURITY, as of the most essential condition for that "peace". And the following words by Apostle Paul from his epistle to Thessalonians come to mind: "The day of the Lord will come as a thief at night. For when they say: peace and securiy! Then will it befall them (i.e. people, devoid of love for truth -- II Thes. 2,10) sudden perdition, like the anguish of birth befals the one, having in her womb, and shall not escape".

It is necessary for all, who love the truth, not only observe the signs of times, but also make appropriate conclusions from these observations. Regarding the Church life it is indicated to us by Savior, as one of the most incredible phenomena of last times, that then "the stars will fall from heavens" (Mat. 24,29) According to the explanation of Savior Himself, "stars: are Angels of Churches, that is, Bishops (Rev. 1,20). The relegious and moral fall of Bishops appears, as it were, one of the most characteristic signs of the last times. Especially horrible is the fall of Bishops when they fall away from the dogmas of faith or, as the Apostle puts it, when they "want to pervert the Gospel of Christ" (Gal. 1,7) To those the Apostle commands to proclaim "anathema": "He who dares to preach not what we're preaching, -- he says, -- let him be anathema" (Gal. 1,9). And it is not right to procrastinate this either, he continues: "From a heretic, after the first and the second admonition, turn away, knowing that he's depraved and sinning unto his condemnation" (Tit. 3,10-11) Otherwise, that is, for indifference and apostasy from the truth, God's judgement may befall you: "inasmuch as you're lukewarm and neither hot, nor cold, I shall spew you out of My mouth" (Rev. 3,15-16) The dark clouds on the world horizon are thickening. Nearing is the God's judgement of nations and hypocrite Christians, starting from heretical and lukewarm hierarchs.

Archbishop Theophan of Poltava

-- Brotherhood of St Nephon

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