St. John the Baptist Parish, A Parish of the Russian Orthodox Church, Canberra, Australia

11 / 24 October

The Holy Apostle Philip

Born in Palestinian Caesarea, he was married and had four daughters, all four endowed by God with the gift of discernment and all four vowed virgins for the sake of Christ (Acts 21:8-9) . When the holy apostles chose deacons, Philip was chosen along with Stephen and the others (6:5). Philip served the poor and the widows with great fervour. When persecution fell on the Christians in Jerusalem, he fled to Samaria and there preached the Gospel and witnessed to it by many miracles, driving out demons, healing the sick and so forth. Seeing the miracles of the holy apostle, Simon the Magician was baptised. St Philip also baptised the eunuch of Queen Candace. After that, an angel of God suddenly and invisibly bore him away to Azotus, where he taught and preached, bringing many to Christ (Acts 8). He was later made bishop in Tralles. He died peacefully in great old age, and entered into the joy of his Lord. Our Holy Father Theophanes the Hymnographer; St Nectarius, Patriarch of Constantinople; The Holy Martyrs Zinais and Philonilla; St. Cainnech (Kenneth), abbot of Aghaboe, Ireland (7th c.).

St. Ethelburga, abbess of Barking Monastery, England, sister of St. Erkonwald (c.676)

Taught by Saint Hilda she was known for here meekness and humility and received many gifts of Grace from God, and miracles were worked through her holy prayers. Our holy mother Ethel had a great love for all people and she tried to help anyone who had a need. When a great epidemic came to Britain and hundreds of people were dying she received the sick and cared for them with her own hands. This holy saint lived a life of poverty and of love for God and neighbour for a very long time. At last, the time came for her to depart this life. As she lay dying, a great light suddenly filled her cell and God's angels took her soul to paradise.

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